Annual Renewal

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By Modelers for Modelers!  The Military Modelers Club of Louisville (MMCL) consists of a great group of model builders that are committed to the theme of the International Plastic Modelers society/USA (IPMS/USA), "having fun in modeling."  The club hosts many raffles and kit auctions along with hosting IPMS/USA sanctioned regional or club invitational.  Don't let the name fool you!  MMCL is not restricted to building just military models; modelers of all types are welcome.  We have members that build a variety of modeling subjects; civilian planes and airliners, ships, sci-fi,  figures, spacecraft and cars. 
MMCL is a member of the International plastic Modelers Society/USA (IPMS/USA), Region IV and an affiliate member of the Armor Modeling and Preservation Society, (AMPS). MMCL is nestled in the Midwest, Louisville KY, and is one of 26 IPMS/USA chapters in the Great Lakes Region (Region IV). Our club membership supports the goals of the international Plastic Modelers Society/USA, (IPMS/USA).  This is a national organization dedicated to the fun of scale modeling.  You can join or renew your membership over the internet, just visit the IPMS / USA membership webpage. As part of joining IPMS/USA, you will receive the periodical "Journal" packed full of good modeling information and gain access to the national IPMS/USA discussion forum where you can gain a lot of knowledge about the hobby on-line.
MMCL is founded on the framework that follows IPMS/USA.  Our club's goal is to promote the hobby while having fun.  Model enthusiasts that join the national and local IPMS/USA organizations have been rewarded with a network of fellow modelers that share in the hobby with many of them eventually becoming mentors to those with less experience.  Through this mentorship, modeling skills have improved, teamwork developed and camaraderie shared.

Interested in joining our club, you can do so in two easy steps: 1) Click the MMCL application link below and fill out the form and bring it to our next chapter meeting.  2) you can use Paypal.  Click on the Paypal link below to pay your membership dues.  Its that easy!!